On 4-5 April 2018 at the Sheraton Warsaw Hotel, the V Edition of the Innovative Production Forum will take place. The event is the answer to the constant need for adapting to the ever-changing realities among production enterprises.

The Forum is a meeting, during which we analyze the changes coming in the production resources world – we get to know new possibilities of development and technologies. During the conference, we predict upcoming changes and think about how we can prepare for them. We try to predict what will happen in a few years, or in the distant future. The modern business world, based mainly on marketing challenges, wouldn’t simplify the challenges, if it did not have the backing of efficient and good quality production.” – Henryk Orfinger, President of the Management Board, Dr Irena Eris SA

The forum is a unique platform for conversations – the exchange of knowledge, opinions and experience – between representatives of the biggest companies, central administration and the experts of production and new technologies. The main goal of the Innovative Production Forum is the joint working out of new solutions, which in the near future will support the building and development of the innovative industry in our country.
During the Conference, participants have the occasion to take part in the innovative “Round Tables”, which, in contrast to the classic style of conferences, allows for interaction between
participants and opens the possibility to exchange thoughts and experience.

In this formula, we can make open contact and run a discussion. As a moderator, I can say that it is nice that so many people were engaged in the discussions and had the chance to exchange their views. I think that it is a great formula and I would gladly take part in more discussions and meetings in this style.” – Jędrzej Kowalczyk, President of the Management Board, Fanuc Poland

Speakers who have confirmed their attendance of the second edition of the SecureTech Congress include:

  • Krystyna Boczkowska, President of the Board, Robert Bosch
  • Wiesław Podraza, President of the Board, Owner, Sanplast
  • Paweł Stefański, President of the Board, BALLUFF Poland
  • Agnieszka Politańska, Member of the Board, ASTOR
  • Dariusz Stasik, President of the Board, W.P.I.P.

Concluding the first day of the congress will be the Grand Gala Leaders of the Energy and Manufacturing World, during which the independent Competition Jury will reward the best in the branch in the categories:

  • Man of Year
  • Production Company of Year
  • Solutions Supplier
  • Corporate Social Responsibility CSR

We encourage you to view the photo gallery and video from the previous editions of the Innovative Production Forum.