The Innovative Manufacturing Forum, organized by MMC Polska, was held in the Westin Warsaw Hotel on 13th-14th April 2016. The event enabled a thorough debate for CEOs from key-companies, central government representatives and experts of manufacturing and new technologies. Guests of Honour at the event were Undersecretaries of State from the Ministry of Energy Andrzej Piotrowski and Michał Kurtyka.

The inaugural speech of the event was delivered by Leszek Juchniewicz – Chairman of the Advisory Board of the EuroPOWER Energy Conference and Co-chairmen of the Innovative Manufacturing Forum Advisory Board: Joanna Makowiecka-Gaca and Dariusz Piotrowski, Member of the Board, Microsoft in Poland.

The Forum started with the debate on energy of Polish economy and priority directions that has to be taken to spur economic development. Panelists were also discussing macroeconomic and business issues as well as innovations as a major factor for manufacturing companies development. Important place in the discussion was devoted also to the optimization of production process. During the last panels speakers debated on human capital and smart factories. Final part of the Forum was divided into several case studies, during which representatives of leading, innovative Polish companies shared their knowledge and experience.

Among speakers who contributed to the debates were: Beata Stelmach – President of the Board and General Director GE for Poland and Baltics, Krystyna Boczkowska – President of the Board, Robert Bosch, Marcin Bilik – Vicepresident of the Board, COO, Amica Wronki, Mariusz Golec – President of the Board, Wielton S.A., Michał Kaczurba – Head of Manufacturing & Resources Solutions, Microsoft in Poland, Janusz Moroz – Vicepresident of the Board for Trade, RWE Polska, Szymon Kamiński – President of the Board, BZ WBK Leasing, Paweł Kaczalski – Member of the Board, Solaris Bus & Coach, Krzysztof Skóra – President of the Board, KGHM Polska Miedź.

Industrial manufacturing is the pillar of competitiveness of economies and serves to build growth based on stable foundations. Nowadays, as a result of globalization, trade liberalization, innovation and thereby constantly increasing competition, it is necessary to develop new solutions in order to help optimize manufacturing processes and improve the domestic market position of companies. The answer for these challenges is the Innovative Manufacturing Forum, during which we are taking the debate on adapting to constantly changing realities.

Innovative Manufacturing Forum Partners:
Strategic Partners: Microsoft, Emitel, W.P.I.P.
Partners: Starter24, Abak, ProfesCapital, BZ WBK Leasing, Customeritum
Technology Partner: iQ5
Private Tailoring Partner: Balthazar
Translations Partner: Bireta

Photogallery of the Innovative Manufacturing Forum is available on the website: