Does transformation 4.0 only concern the biggest companies? How are small enterprises coping with the changes? How to prepare for change? What technology is worth investing in? Where to start? These are the questions being asked in the production sector in Poland. The answers for these questions obviously won’t be missing during the VI edition of the Innovative Manufacturing Forum, which will be taking place on 24-25 October 2018 at The Westin Warsaw Hotel. Come to the event and see how others have solved problems which are faced by the majority of production companies – not only in Poland.

New, dynamic formula

During the talks at the Advisory Board meeting, it turned out that in Polish industry, there are more questions than answers. The agenda of the autumn edition will answer the current needs and dissolve any doubts which managers of small and large manufacturing companies are asking. The agenda of the VI Innovative Manufacturing Forum concentrates on business use cases and short, dynamic panels. At the end of each day, there will be in-depth, substantive conversations at round tables. Discussions will be hosted by experts in topic blocks throughout the day. – The round tables formula is much more interesting than the discussion panels, as it allows every participant to say something at any moment and comment on what another participant has said. It adds dynamism – adds Michał Zimiński, Manager, Simon Kucher & Partners. The Advisory Board of the Innovative Production Forum, under the leadership of Joanna Makowiecka-Gaca, CEO, KARMAR S.A. and Dariusz Piotrowski, Director General, DELL EMC in Poland, are responsible for these changes. It’s this group of key experts from the manufacturing sector that noticed the needs of the participants – to leave the theory behind, and to concentrate on practical examples of solution implementation which have already been implemented in leading companies around the world. The result will be a recipe for a better digital industry.
What triggers automation?
Growing GDP, unemployment falling, rising wages and demand for people to work … employee market? Maybe so, but not in the manufacturing industry. There are simply no employees here. Times have come when financial expenditures are just as important as human capital. During the event, speakers will wonder if this automation is a threat to the labour market or if the lack of personnel is the driving force behind the development of automation and robotics in the production plants. From this point of view, Economy 4.0 seems to be a necessity. Digitization, digitalization, automation and the use of organizational and process innovations in industry. – The Innovative Manufacturing Forum is a great place where you can meet people who are professionals in their industries. Here we can talk about trends in production, about how the world will look like in two days, in two years, and maybe even in 20 years – says Piotr Kańtoch, Vice President of the Board, Grupa Powen-Wafapomp SA.

Key industry experts, many established business contacts, substantive debates and 5 thematic tables within the iconic round tables, are the result of the previous edition of the event. In October, the success of the spring edition will surely be repeated. Discussion topics will focus on the problems faced by enterprises: customization of production, demand forecasts, increase in revenues, improvement of processes in the enterprise. They will answer the most important questions in the industry, but there will also be space for asking questions by the participants of the event. Don’t go wrong in the market of modern production and come to dispel your doubts at the VI Innovative Manufacturing Forum.
The congress is realized by the MMC Poland Group, organizing prestigious congresses, workshops and business training in Poland dedicated to specialists, managerial Staff and company boards.
More information about the VI Innovative Manufacturing Forum can be found on the official congress website: as well as social media pages facebook, twitter and linkedin.